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AGHA Recycling Solutions AGHA Recycling Solutions (AGHA) is based in Northampton and it has been successfully recycling materials since July 2011.

AGHA Recycling Solutions (AGHA) achieved ISO 9001 registration from THE BRITISH ASSESSMENT BUREAU.

Today, AGHA focuses on bulkier waste streams, and provides specialist recycling services for plastics, plus a range of other materials including paper and cardboard. AGHA has extensive experience operating as recycling and waste re-processing contractors for local businesses and local authorities, which means you can be assured you are working in partnership with a seasoned and reputable organisation. AGHA researches new products streams in the within the recycling industry to ensure compliance with local and central legislation and transfers relevant advice about legislative developments directly onto clients, as well as publishing details on-line. AGHA has experience in identifying and hand sorting polymers and other materials. If a polymer based product is not listed and not recyclable by AGHA, then a suitable outlet will be found at no extra cost, to enable us to deliver our Zero Waste to Landfill Policy.

We operate to strict quality and operational policies and procedures to ensure recycling industry best practice together with committed care and consideration for the environment, stakeholders, partners and employees. Copies of our licenses and exemptions are included later in this document and can also be supplied together with other relevant documents separately on request.

We aim to work closely with all clients: providing advice and support to help them improve recycling rates for all waste types; to ensure compliance with current waste management and environmental legislation and to increase their green credentials. We undertake to make costs clear, and will deal with any queries promptly over the phone or in writing and, where appropriate, we will arrange a site visit.

AGHA Recycling Solutions

We are always happy to help, with absolutely no obligation. Request a call back and one of our friendly telephone advisors will contact you to discuss your individual requirements.

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