We practice what we preach.We monitor and audit our customers around the country to ensure that our high standard of compliance is being met.We have customers they have audited twice a year, and some of them received " Believe in Green Certificate".

At AGHA Recycling Solutions we offer our clients the chance to audit our operations within the UK. We believe that it is important for AGHA Recycling Solutions accredited businesses to understand what processes we put the material through and to see for themselves our high standard of environmental policy.

For us to certify as an eco friendly business, we have looked closely at the impact our business has on a day to day basis on the environment. The key areas monitored were:

  • Energy usage

  • Air emissions for operational transportation

  • Factory noise and dust pollution

  • Internal waste management procedures

  • Impact of our customers

We compiled case studies for all of the above under both normal operative conditions and extreme. Using the data gathered we were able to see where we could improve. Most importantly we were able to identify our targets. They are as follows:

  • Reduce our overall energy usage

  • Understand and analyse machinery energy output

  • Educate employees and clients

  • Improve our internal waste management