General Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions shall apply to all clients of AGHA Recycling Solutions.

  • Collections must be booked in advance.
  • Waste items collected must be segregated as pre-arranged with AGHA.
  • Collection charges will apply unless otherwise agreed.
  • If for any reason the customer is unable, or refuses to accept a booked collection a fee will be chargeable.
  • Non-Account customers must pay at the time of collection.
Deliveries into AGHA Recycling Solutions
  • AGHA reserves the right to refuse deliveries on assessment of the load.
  • No food contamination accepted at AGHA site.
  • Fertilizer bags must be separated (inners and outers) before delivering to AGHA.
  • AGHA will not accept brown bottles of any kind.
  • Chemical Containers must be triple rinsed and have the foils labels removed or defaced before delivering to AGHA (this also applies to drums and barrels).
  • Rubber bases must be removed from traffic cones before delivering to AGHA.
  • Compost bins must be shaken out and rinsed before delivering to AGHA.
  • Bumpers must not have any foam in them before delivering to AGHA.
  • Builder’s sacks must be shaken out free of rubble.
  • Plant pots and seed trays must be cleaned out before delivery to AGHA.
  • Gate fees apply to all deliveries into AGHA unless otherwise agreed.
  • If unsuitable waste is left at our site, it MUST be removed within 3 days of arrivals. If the unsuitable waste is not removed within this time, AGHA reserves the right to charge for removal.
  • We do not take the following materials- Glass, Rubber, Wood, Toys, Food Waste, and food contamination.
Payment Terms:-
  • Non- Account customers must pay in full at the time of service
  • Account customers must pay their outstanding invoices in full and on time. We reserve the right to add late payment fees and interest to overdue accounts.
  • If you are experiencing any difficulties with payment, please make us aware as soon as possible in order to avoid penalty charges.

Our prices are based per metric tonne and we aim to provide you with the most competitive rates available. We have no objection to accepting materials that are weighed by you beforehand. If you have no weighbridge available then we will take the waste and weigh the materials at our facilities. Once we have validated the weight and material collected from you, we will provide a self-billed invoice for the materials taken, which would include a material breakdown. This will be instantly posted to you via email and an automated payment transfer is then sent direct to your designated bank account on acknowledgement.

Depending on the type of agreement that we have with you, we will either pay for material per collection (within 48 hours after validation) or if we have an agreed regular collection plan in place, then we will reconcile and make the payment amounts to you on a pre-agreed date every month.

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